7650 Pics


The pic above links to pics to my new Nokia I just took with digital Canon Elph. There are several devices next to it for comparision purposes. The most important part is the screen size. The rest of the phone will be radically changed - like the design of the 3650 - but the screen will stay the same. And though it is 176 x 208, that's only the resolution and the fact is I can almost cover the screen up with my thumb. It's pretty small.

Maybe Nokia is planning for a day when the phones are the size of my "old" Alcatel 510 which is next to it in the pic above. The Alcatel is only 75g and is literally half the phone in size and weight. I'm really having to adjust. If I bought this phone when I was still using my Nokia 7110 back in August, I wouldn't have batted an eye. But 6 months of a super-light and small phone and now it's a killer to go back up. Maybe in the near future, the smartphones will all be light like the alcatel, and then Nokia's screen will fit perfectly. Until then it's a bit small for the rest of the phone...

Man, all these gadgets and a Jobs keynote today. What a great techy-geek day I'm having!

More soon... once I get the Infrared working on my home PC, I'll post some photos from the phone - they're NOT very pretty. Barely passable actually. I hope they improve the quality in the 3650.


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