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Straight from Sirius Cybernetics Coorporation, Les has some code he'd like to show us:

More code toward the personal web proxy

In case anyone's interested, I've been hacking like mad on my toy proxy since New Years'. Check out PersonalWebProxy for current downloads. It's got primitive forms of proxy filters, browser-based UI, RDF-based metadata management, logging, config, plugins, and some other goodies. So far, the major plugins include:

  • a noisy logger;
  • a content archiver that captures and saves all response headers and content in a directory structure loosely based on the requested URL;
  • an initial metadata harvester that fills up the RDF database with triples based on headers and details encountered during browsing

It works, and does stuff, but I'm sure it demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of large portions of the Twisted framework, Python itself, and likely causes forest fires. So, I hope many people will download it, snicker at it, and maybe set me straight on a few things and contribute a few patches and plugins.


Cool beans. Les you rule!


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