Hello Moto?


Check this new phone out. I was reading Gizmodo's coverage looking for some of the new neato things from the CES, and instead followed this link to an article on omblog called Motorola is rocking again :: Moto Rules talking about how Motorola may outsell Nokia and who's fortunes in general are turning around. Very interesting... I was wondering what was up with Motorola, truthfully, and I've never seen a "HelloMoto" advertisement, so I was a bit surprised by this article.

The phone above, however, was found at the bottom of the post talking about the launch of some of their new phones. Huh - most are incremental improvements: color screens, polyphonic sound and Bluetooth. But the A835 is quite interesting. Check out the specs:

Motorola A835
Powered with 3G technology, sleek looks and enough features to make anyone drool, the Motorola A835 is here to take you to the next dimension of personal communication and mobile fun. Offering the latest in multi-media entertainment, with advanced messaging, video phone, Bluetooth� wireless technology, full browsing and a large display capable of supporting up to 64,000 colors, the Motorola A835 is small enough to fit in your palm but cool enough to make you the envy of everyone. Quit juggling all of your gadgets. The model A835 combines a phone, PC, still and video cameras, arcade, music and PDA capabilities in one device. Step into the future and experience the ultimate mobile lifestyle with the Motorola A835.

  • Haptics and unique lighting shake and shine a funky light show when your favorite person calls*, or enhance gaming so that you really feel the crash when you wipe out playing Moto GP�
  • Videophone capabilities allow you to communicate using voice and body language with friends who have compatible phones or PCs*
  • Advanced messaging capabilities and 3G technology let you send extravagant messages with songs, videos, picture, ring tones or applications to your friends' compatible phones or PCs*
  • AGPS helps you find your favorite stores or restaurants at a moment's notice
  • Bluetooth� wireless technology allows you to connect wirelessly to compatible accessories and devices
  • Integrated MP3 player
  • Vivid color display, capable of supporting up to 64,000 colors
  • 256 MB of memory
  • Polyphonic ring tones for rich, melodic sound
  • Downloadable wallpaper, themes, screensavers and ring tunes
  • Downloadable games and productivity applications
  • WAP browser with GPRS*
  • Fast, "always-on" Internet connection*

Wow. 256 Megs of MEMORY? Is that a typo? Holy crap - that blows the rest of the smartphones available today out of the water. 64k colors? The Nokias only have 4,200. 3G? Video? Neato. This is very interesting from a hardware perspective...

But the question is out there - is this a Symbian phone? I mean, it MUST be, look at the specs on that baby. Heeeellooooo Moto! What else is going to run it? Motorola has a stake in Symbian as well as Nokia and all the rest, so it has to be doing something with it. But notice the UI? Motorola hasn't licensed the Series 60, so they've obviously come up with their own... very interesting.

Anyways, this is pure speculation based on a screenshot, but if this phone isn't their entry into smartphones, when the hell is Motorola going to come up with the goods?!?!


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