Moof Love

I almost forgot to link to Moof! He gave me lots of link love in this post AND spelled my name correctly (after some encouragement and swearing).

Russell's been having some great ideas which have been commented on by many people, both on Russell's site, and on their own, and I sometimes feel that I don't have the time to put enough thought into formulating my own. An example of this came out most recently on a comment on Russell's site where I started rambling, and completely lost focus of my own original idea, as I felt I needed to get it written up as quickly as possible. I've also wanted to comment on several more of his stories and just haven't had the time to do so. I'd love to have joined in the great spanish tradition debate with my own points of view, or write a reply to Russ' impressions of America (and sorry, Russ, but I do have scathing remarks to make :). And it's not just Russ. Ben's been at it, as has Mark, and Tom, and, of course, Matt. It's just that I had Russ' site to hand when I wrote this. Hell, I think I'm writing more comments on Russ' site these days than I am writing entries on my own. Maybe I should add a section: "moof on other sites", looking the RSS comment feeds of people's sites that I regularly comment on that will automatically pick out my own posts and stick 'em in a side bar. When I get back onto usenet, I could combine that too. That's be a cool idea to code, but I don't have the time. See what I mean? Though I suppose I could still invoke the LazyWeb.

I sometimes do that... I leave comments on other people's blogs and either they're so long that I end up coming back here and pasting them in as my own blog post, or they're such random thoughts I wonder why I was commenting in the first place. Case in point. Was I smoking something when I wrote that?

I told Moof via IM that I was thinking about including comments in my RSS feed and searches. That way anyone commenting here becomes One with my Blog. When I get some time...


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