Bad Tech Mojo? No mobile email for me

So I'm not sure what bad technical moon I'm under, but my Nokia 7650 won't send email. I spent 45 minutes at the Telefonica store duplicating exactly what the salesman had on his 7650 and it still won't work.

I'd explain to you exactly how the mobile system works and exactly what the problem is and the difference between setting up GSM and GPRS data, but the honest truth is it's still a bit of a mystery to me. On this phone, there are things called "Access Points" where you put in all the info to access WAP, MMS and email services. The info is username, password, type of authentication, data bearer type (GSM/GPRS) gateway name and IP. Once you have all that info there, somehow the phone works over the air to communicate data to the different services. In my old Nokia 7110 which was just a WAP phone, there was just one place to enter the gateway info. This phone is similar, but because there are more services, there are more options. But in both instances, the thing that gets me is the IP address info. It's not like my phone has its own IP... so what's going on between my phone and the telecom's servers? Can I set up my own GPRS gateway? My own mail and WAP gateways too? I think so, but I'm not sure. It's a mystery to me right now. Total magic. Magic is bad.

So anyways, right now much of the mobile internet is magic to me and I don't like it. I spent all that time in the store today duplicating exactly the same settings as on my sales guy's phone and though he could send and receive emails, I still can't. ARRGH!

I'm going to continue to play.


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