What if the Italians designed mobile phones?


Haiko Hebig sent me an email telling me about this phone from Italy. It's pretty tripped out. Very interesting to see a phone not designed by Scandanavians or Asians.

... I thought this might be of interest to you: an interesting cell phone by Italian make Telit. I never heard of this company before here in Germany, but came across it by chance when visiting Lombary last weekend.

Company: Telit
Model: G80 by Giurgiaro Design - "Il Fotofonio"
URL: http://www.telit.net/

- Tri Band E-GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz
- GPRS class 8 (4+1)
- Full graphic display 65K colours 160 x 120 pixels
- Integrated digital camera 320 x 240 pixels
- WAP 2.0 via GPRS or CSD
- E-mail via GPRS or CSD
- Built-in Modem GPRS / FAX / CSD via data cable connection to PC
- SMS up to 5 concatenated
- EMS customizable
- T9 - typing aid tool
- 3 tones ringers
- Customizable ringers
- Dedicated ringers for caller groups
- Vibracall
- Calendar
- Wake up alarm
- Organizer with SyncML
- Calculator
- Games
- Phonebook on mobile memory
- Voice comand
- 3 fonts to choose from
- Li-Ion battery 600 mAh
- 96 grams weight, including battery
- Stand-by time up to 160 hours
- Talk time up to 6,5 hours

According to a leaflet I picked up somewhere it also has:
- Barometer
- Altimeter
- Currency calculator
- 4 MB RAM
- 1000 mAh battery available

The camera might be good for nothing with its smallish resolution, but the display has 65 k colors, it is tri-band, super-leightweight (just as my Siemens S45), looks, well, interesting and has a super-clear keyboard layout. Actually, judging from the photo, the keyboard looks like one of the best seen for a while (the connector at the bottom side looks very much like Siemens, btw). Best, this thing is (relatively) cheap: 291.00 Euro + VAT.

Perhaps not exactly something for your Java/Gaming/Application needs, but I think its interesting to see that here in Europe, there even are local makes people never hear of in other contries except where it comes from. And I think having local choices different from the default Nokia/Siemens/Motorola/... stuff is a good thing. Are there local makes in Spain, too?

That's a pretty amazing phone, especially since I've never heard of it before online or in the Mobile Phone mags here in Spain which usually have pics of the even some of the most tripped out phones. The number of colors on the screen amazes me... the Nokia only has 4,000...

It should be pretty passable for moblogging. ;-)


P.S. Yes, I said "moblogging" and not "mobilogging" which I think is better. Oh well, I'm not one to fight the crowd on semantics.

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