Server Filtering

Wow. I just woke up from a long nap. I remember my Dad napping when I was a kid and wondered why. Gettin' old.

Anyways, I use Spam Assassin which is great because it marks the email and then I download it, filter it and it goes right into my trash without me seeing it. Since I've never had one false reading at 6.7, I'm thinking about not even having the email arrive this far and just trashing it at the server.

There's two reasons for this - first, Mozilla has a "bug" and always tells me about the spam arriving, even if it just immediatly puts it into the trash. That's a bit annoying. And secondly, I tried to grab just the headers via IMAP from my phone today and even that took a while with all the crap coming down that I never see (there's no filters on the phone) and there seems to be a bug on my phone and I've having trouble deleting the emails! Thus there's large sections of my smallish phone's memory (4 megabytes) dedicated to Sheila's proposals for enhancing the size of my dick.

Thus it's time to mess with procmail again. Any suggestions?


P.S. Later, with Doc Thauvin's help, I adjusted the procmail script to move SPAM into a folder which I can check later instead of deleting it. Thanks Erik!

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