Happy Birthday Marc!

Marc Canter's birthday is today! Woohoo!

BTW, that's one of my heroes, Maynard G Krebs, to the right. He's appeared on Scripting News for the last three January 13ths. Not sure why, but why not?

Perhaps because it's my birthday.

I should also point out that on this day - 46 years ago (when I first appeared) - Humphrey Bogart died.

I used to throw huge parties on my B-Day - in fact one of the best MediaBar scenes was on my birthday. Folks could order food or drinks from their 'MediaBar' stations - 25 of them had been setup throughout my house. There were also Facewalls, jukeboxes, multi-player games and 'persistent digital ID's. This is back in '97. Your face was grabbed when you logged on and burned into your personalized interface.

Anyway birthdays are fun. You get to be 'right' all day long.

Whooohoo! Happy Birthday Marc! People with birthdays in January ROCK. ;-)


P.S. Here's a public thank you for making your page easier to read! Now about those italics... ;-)

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