Ich benotige Hilfe - 7650 Pirates

This is a plee for help from the people who read this blog in Germany. I want the little video app for my Nokia 7650 from T-mobile. I'm pretty sure it's free, but just for German subscribers. I saw it being used by my sales guy (which was sort of amusing since it was T-Mobile branded app on his Telefonica phone ;-).

You can find the link on this 7650 page where it says "Bestellen Sie Ihre Video Messaging Software!" It's a pop-up window, sadly, but it's not too obnoxious. You need to enter in your mobile phone number and email and I guess they'll send you instructions to download it. Then you can send those to me (or just the app, it should be less than 1 meg). ;-) Pretty please?

By the way. Just to rant about how bad the web sites here in Spain are once again, I know NO German and I was able to navigate and find exactly what I was looking for without any problems on the T-Mobile website. There's no fucking Flash, font sizes are normal, pop-up windows are kept to a minimum and things are generally well organized. Just take a gander at Telefonica or their mobile section Movistar to exactly how to not design a website. Freaking bozos. It took me an hour to find the telephone number to call the other day. bleh.

Thanks in advance!


Later... Nevermind. To my surprise there is a large and burgeoning pirate software community for the 7650 already. A search for 7650 on Yahoo Groups found LOTS of files open for the public right on Yahoo's servers! I couldn't believe it. Including the video app I wanted and some test GameBoy ROMs for the GoBoy emulator. Very amusing.

This would be me thinking that services is the way to go for making money in mobile. It's too easy to pirate little game programs.

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