My life = my battery life: low energy.

Here's the beginning of an email I got a day or so ago that I haven't had two seconds to answer yet:

Hi Russ,

Hope the day job is not killing you too much!

Oh, how my blog readers know me so well! Thanks Pete. Today was a killer. I had another stressed-out day at work playing translator and international culture guide while running around to a couple different offices and then I had to go to the dentist after work. I had to wait TWO HOURS to get to see the dentist for 4 minutes to make an appointment for two weeks from now. Welcome to socialized medicine. I had an appointment for the 6th of January at another local dentist, but it was going to cost too much to fix my teeth (I broke off my permanent retainer during Christmas eating a Sugar Daddy I imported... did I blog this?) so I ended up going to our "HMO" or Spanish equivalent, it's only going to cost $95 for a retainer as opposed to over $600... so I guess it was worth the 2 hours. I guess.

Anyways, this would've normally been a GREAT chance to play with my Nokia for two+ uninterupted hours in the exact place one would want an smartphone except that you guessed it, I drained the battery today messing with my email, talking and playing Karting in the bathroom after lunch. (My Gameboy addiction in the john has moved to a different level. Thank god for mute. The other people coming and going only hear lots of various clicks and probably think I'm sending SMS messages like crazy.)

Battery life on the 7650 suuuucks. On my list: 1 extra battery and 1 extra charger for the office.


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