Manywhere Moblogger!!


Okay, so the worst kept secret in the world is now out. Announcing the Manywhere Moblogger! It's a Java based application for posting to a Blogger API website from your mobile phone via email. If an image, sound or video is attached to the email, it will FTP that file to your web server and add the HTML for viewing online.

I finally got all the code in a somewhat working state. You can go to the Manywhere Moblogger page where you can find a link to the code and some instructions for use. You can see what the web results look like here at Russell's Moblog. Not much there right now, but I'll be hopefully moblogging my birthday.

Now, since it's 3:30 a.m. and I'm going to bed, I hesitate to announce this because if there's any problems, I won't be available to fix them. Even worse, people sending me 30 emails telling my all the bugs by the time I get up. So here's your warning: IT'S FRESH CODE. TOTAL ALPHA. You need to be a geek to use it for now. I just got it all working, but don't expect it to be perfect. Personally, I'm wondering whether it'll last the day tomorrow or not (or spam my website with the same email 20 times an hour). The code is of course MIT-Licensed (do what you want with it, but don't sue me), so just say thanks (someone's gotta get some presents today). (Contributions, of course, are welcome).

Eventually, I'll be actually doing something larger with this code. You'll see some non-working database stuff in there that's going to be implemented as I make it ready to use as a sign-up service. Right now it's a one-off to be used just by geeks like me. Also, I'll be switching out the scheduling code for something more robust and more. But for now it's fun to see it all working. And since there's a million people chasing this moblog stuff right now, I wanted to come up with something neato first. ;-)

Off to bed.


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