Want to live and w ork in Spain?

Seriously. My company is looking for someone to come w ork here in Spain for the next year. The requirements are pretty straight forward: You have to be a good Java programmer (skills, experience, references), be willing to come here to w ork for a year and then (I think) go back to Philadelphia afterards. And obviously Spanish would be a serious plus a requirement (if not a main reason for employment).

The company will set you up out here in an apartment, so there's no worries there but all the other details/bene's will probably depend on your experience and negotiating power. I don't know more details than that - I won't be hiring you, that's all in someone else's hands. I'm just telling you that we're not receiving many decent resumes and they're really starting to have a need.

Email me your details and I'll pass them on. A year in Spain could be really interesting. It's a great opportunity.


P.S. One more detail that I wasn't clear about last night, preference will go to someone from the U.S. or with rights to work there already. They'll get a Spanish w ork visa for you while you're here (I don't need one because I'm a legal resident of Spain/Europe), but you need to be able to w ork in the U.S. - I've heard talk of helping sponser someone from outside the U.S., but it's a serious process, so I think they'd rather avoid it. Also, give me your resumes in English! None of my bosses speak Spanish! ;-)

UPDATE: My boss actually really does want Spanish - it's not just a plus it's a requirement. Doh!

UPDATE 2: Hello Googlers. This is waaaay old now and the position has been filled.

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