I'm thinking about redesigning my website again. It's getting a little stale. It's pretty clean, but there are cleaner pages out there which give me that "design jazz" when you say "oooh, I like that"

Case in point, I was just looking at my comments and saw a note from May Woo and when I went to visit her blog I was struck by how clean her page design was. I usually have posts that are a lot longer than her's and several per day normally, but still I was really drawn to the simplicity of the design. I'm not sure if that's just a template or what, but it's nice. I'm really thinking about doing something similar.

I also need to fix the Google issue. Google's not caching the rest of my site, only the front page. I don't know why. Other people with .jsp page based blogs claim all of theirs are being cached by Google, okay so what am I doing wrong? Is there some sort of header I need to change? Is it the URL? I have the url-rewrite code in place I just need to implement it. I just haven't had the "ganas" to go through the few days of inevitable pain as I debug it. Hmmmm...

There are other technical issues that I'd like to tackle too on this blog. The referrers section to the left was a 15 second hack (read header, add to ArrayList, display ArrayList, erase at midnight.) But it's seriously ugly. A trackback feature like in Roller would rule. Blogger API support should happen at some point. Hmmm... maybe it's fine for now. I would like a back up script that runs once a week and emails me my posts for backup. If my server ever goes down, then all these posts go away forever also.

Lot's to do. And this isn't even anywhere near a priority.


Later. Spelled May's name wrong. Fixed now... Sorry!

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