Mobile FTP


This is pretty cool. It's an FTP client for Series 60 phones. This is wicked handy because it means I can FTP files to and from my server with ease from where ever I am. I'm looking at a way to store my task-list outline files on my server and have it available to me constantly. With this FTP program, this makes it very easy to just pop the file online and not worry about whether there's an HTTP interface for it or not. Is there a problem with my web page? I can FTP from my phone, grab the .jsp, edit on my phone (a little hard, but possible), and upload it again with no probs. Is this rockin, or what?

It even makes posting images to my site easier - my scrapbook automagically reads .jpgs in the directories under photos and makes an album. I can just pop the photos there and poof, auto scrapbook.

More cool stuff every day for my 7650. Yeah! There's also an MP3 Player ready for those 3650 owners who'll have MMC cards (and not my puny 4 megs on my 7650. Neato.


Later... I forgot to thank James for this link!

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