IMing with my Mom, FROM THE MOVIES!

So we're in the theater waiting for the movie to start, and I use the chance to show Ana the new TipicME IM app I just downloaded. So I start it up and get online. To my surprise, my Mom was online! I thought her and my Dad were on a two week business vacation to Atlanta go to a big fair they have there to buy products for their gift shop.

But she was online! So I said hello via my phone and she responded that they just got back and I told her I was in the theater and we just kept on chatting away for 10 minutes or so. After the first minute I forgot all about the fact that I was doing this from my phone in the middle of the theater. She was telling me about her trip and the storm down South they ran into on the way back and was asking me if I was going to be able to see the game tonight, and I was talking about how we arranged to go see the movie with my mother in law, etc.

Pretty great stuff. I had planned on Moblogging directly to here via the Doris browser and my new Mobile web page, but that was MUCH better. Really using the phone to do something neat while out and about.

T9, like I said before, is amazing. It really made the whole thing possible. Though you have to pay a little attention: "good" and "home" use the same keys. "Are you good?" "Uhm yes." "I should be good in about 3 hours, I'll call you then." "Uhm okay". Mom probably had no idea why the hell I was writing that. I'll have to explain in when I talk to her in a bit. ;-)


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