No Superbowl for Me

Oh well... I cancelled Canal+ a month or so ago when I got cable, and that's the only channel that is broadcasting the Superbowl, so I'm out of luck. It's too bad because this year it's actually being broadcast at a decent hour. Last year it started at like 3 a.m. for me or something like that.

We still have the Canal+ converter box - have you heard about this scam? It costs $30 a month for this box that takes unscrambles transmissions over the air and turns it into one channel with movies. It's amazing to me that the government allows this company to charge money for a station broadcast over the air, but that's just me. The thing is that even though the movies are uninterupted, you still get advertising all the other times! Incredible.

Anyways, I tried the box out in case they forgot to actually cancel the key and no luck, it's cancelled. And it's not being broadcast on Madritel cable anywhere, so instead I'm blogging instead of watching. Good thing I'm not a huge football fan.

By the way, I think it's amazing that this year the Bucs - whom I've never thought about for more than 3 seconds before in my life until I started reading Niel's weblog - are now in the Superbowl. Incredible coincidence. It's like last year for Ana and I. We decided to start watching the Champion's League soccer games on television in November, backing Real Madrid of course, and pretty much kept up with the games every week until Real won in May! We couldn't believe it. Ana never really liked soccer and I had never followed a soccer team for any time before, so we both discovered it together. What luck that season they won! Pretty cool.

Good luck to Niel's team, though I have to say that I'm backing the team from the Bay Area of course. ;-)


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