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Okay, here's a few more:

A Bluetooth dating application for the youngsters. You download an app (via the web or peer-to-peer) and enter in a bunch of personal details about yourself on a scale from 1-10. And of course you add your picture. Then you go out to the bar and your phone is pinging Bluetooth signals everywhere search for a similar app that's running on another phone. When it finds the other app, the phones compare details and if there's a match (say 80% likely hood) the images are swapped and the phone rings. The user picks up, decides whether he/she likes the pic and goes off to find the person in the bar. Love at first wireless connection. Business model? Ummm banner ads? Heheh just kidding. You sell the service to Telecoms to promote MMS (HAHAHAHA, no really, I'm joking. I don't know.).

Okay, next: Translation services using VoIP. You're out and about in a foreign country and you need to have a phrase translated. You speak into the phone and say want in your native language and then zip the voice package over the internet to a call center with translators ready to go. They do their best to decipher your voice message, and then send an MMS message back with both the text written out in the destination language AND a sample recording of the language to play in case you don't read Greek or Russian alphabets for example.

A Vindigo-like P2P file sharing application. Come on, imagine you're in a room with your buds, you all have Nokia 3650s with 512Meg MMC cards and lots of cool music. But 512 Megs isn't really all that much music, like maybe 80 songs, so you'll want to swap, right? How are you going to do it? Well, there's already little file-apps that'll allow you to Bluetooth your files, but that's a Send-only app right now. I want to be able to iTunes-like browse my friend' phone's music list and grab what I want. You friend doesn't have the app installed yet, well the first option in the list is "send this app to a friend". Business model? I have no idea, but it's a cool thought...


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