Weblog Meta Tags

I've been forgetting to link to this for days now, but Jim has been exploring how to tag your page with meta information so you know more about it automagically:

As the inimitable Mr Pilgrim has a solution for the "what's the url of the home page?" question, I'm just left with "is this page part of a weblog?" problem, which can be solved this with this meta tag (if it gets adopted widely enough).

<meta name="weblog" content="title=My Blog Title">

Of course, you should change My Blog Title to something appropriate.

Here's some solutions for other weblog identification problems:

And when you've got the hang of those there's also all the Dublin Core metadata to add, happy tagging!

This is good stuff, but it's all spread all over the place. This should all be in one spot. As well, I think there needs to be a meta-meta tag format (no seriously) which defines how new metatags can be added easily. Hmmm... or is this RDF? I'll wait a bit before implementing this stuff. I'm still waiting for my FOAF page to be somehow useful to me.



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