Being homesick for heaven


My iPod and I

My iPod and I went for a three hour walk all over the better parts of San Francisco today. Basically, we walked from my place up Van Ness, over to Chestnut Street, back down to Fisherman's Wharf, then through China Town to home. And it was a beautiful blue sky day day. I couldn't have asked for better. ... [Duncan's Blog]

You might not be able to tell from that pic, but that's a wonderful park. It was less than a block away from my old apartment on Laguna and Chestnut in San Francisco when I lived there years ago. It's part of an area called Fort Mason that extended over by the bay through Hyde Park to Fisherman's wharf. There's an amazing youth hostel hidden in the center of the park and even though it's basically in the middle of The City and next to its most popular tourist attraction, it has several quiet corners on top of green-covered 19th century battlements with incredible views of the Bay. It's great for taking dogs for a walk, running, sunning yourself in sight of the Golden Gate or just someplace to escape to when you want to get out of the house.

That little park is a corner of heaven, it really is.


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