SSH Client for P800


From All About Symbian a link to the still in development PuTTY SSH client for the SonyEricsson P800. I reeeeeally want this app! Too bad it's not for my phone! Waaahh! Hopefully someone will port it over soon.

The other day my site went down in the morning when John did some scheduled maintenance and since I still haven't gotten my OrionServer startup scripts working properly, this site was down and I was trapped at work behind a Killer Firewall. I figured I'd try to find an SSH app for my 7650, but no luck. I did find a J2ME Telnet app, but I've got telnet disabled so that wouldn't have helped me. Having an always connected SSH client would be great for those emergency tweaks that you need to do every once in a while when you're running your own website.

Lately there's been a load of announcements for games and utilities for the P800. I think it's because they just became easily available about a month ago and now the developers out there have had a chance to play. The P800 still bugs me because of its reliance on the Memory Stick, but in general it's really kick ass and has a newer and somewhat more flexible version of the Symbian OS - v7 with the UIQ UI - than the Nokia's - with Series 60 and OS v6.1.

I still haven't fondled a P800 in person yet though! Uurrgh!


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