Ode to a Window at Work


I moved my desk today. When I first arrived at the offices I'm working at here in Spain I was given a place over in the corner, pretty much separated from everyone else and right next to the kitchen, where here in Spain every other person goes to have a smoke and a coffee. I wasn't very happy about this.

However, when another person from my office arrived here to stay, she just grabbed a great open desk over on the other side of the office and I was like "HEY HEY! What's up with that?" and today I moved. I have a desk next to the window now. I have natural light shining down on me and - ready for this? - the window OPENS. They must not have laws here against that or something. It's a big picture windows that tilts horizontally and I've got it open a crack right now. I can hear the pet birds from someone's balcony across the way and smell the fresh air. At WORK! It's amazing. I can feel it affecting my mind and body, putting me in a muuuch better mood.

I don't think, in all the places I've worked (and that's a lot) I've ever had a place by the window. I'm always the consultant or temporary guy so I get thrown in a corner, a basement or some other dark, dank place where no one else wants to work. Suddenly now I'm working by natural light. How wonderful is that?

Actually, I remember years ago there was this developer who seemed to HATE light. His screen was dark and his cube by the window was this hellish torture to him so he closed the blinds and taped the edges shut. I've never understood that. Man, it's SO nice to see blue sky and sunshine! From my DESK! At WORK!

Excuse me while I do a little happy, happy, joy, joy dance.


P.S. The images above don't do justice... there's too much light from the window so it's making the image of the area around the window look dark. It's not... ;-)

P.P.S. My new FTP client for my 7650 is really cool. Just snap a pic, open up the FTP client and upload it in all of 30 seconds. Very nice.

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