N-Gage Update


Here's an update from this morning. There's some more news trickling in and I think that I may have jumped the gun posting N-Gage news last night (or even now) because the detailed writeups really haven't been posted yet with pictures etc. This article at Gamespot points out that Tomb Raider for the N-Gage is a perfect port from the original PSOne, but bitched about the screen (of course).

But that's a very interesting point. The PSOne has a fantastic library of games, but was much less powerful than the processors and memory that are in modern handhelds. Where the GBA is doing a lot with Super Nintendo ports, look to see the N-Gage roll out a ton of PSOne ports as well - IF it gets popular enough for publishers to bother. This could go for ANY Symbian device or even PocketPCs, so watch for news of more ports soon I think.

I've also seen reports of Nokia stressing the Christmas launch... so we'll see. But they said the price will be "below 500 Euros". Oof. That's WAY out of the range for a game machine. Christ, the XBlox and PS2 cost only $200 now.

It's neat to see a Nokia device reviewed at GameSpot, however. It's like someone upstairs is granting me very, tiny, small wish.

My final thought is that in reality, I LIKE playing games on my 7650 and wish I had a bigger library of decent games, so maybe this thing has a chance - or at least it'll start getting people to take mobile gaming seriously (as if they're not already).


Later... I just noticed this url in my referrers: http://londo.research.nokia.com/ifblog/ . Hehee it seems to be some internal Nokia blog, probably gauging reactions from the N-Gage launch. Hi guys from Nokia! I LOVE the N-Gage! It's COOOL! Got any openings in your mobile games dept? Where do I send my resume?

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