Wireless Google

I was exploring Google's help page today looking for clues about cacheing and the Googlebot, etc. and though I didn't find what I was looking for, I rediscovered a couple pages about Google's Wireless search services which will come in very handy now that I have GPRS which makes the wireless internet not suck.

The first link is to Google's WAP site: http://www.google.com/wml. If you're using Opera, you can just view that page inside your browser (which is nice). Otherwise, click here to view the site with an emulator. The great thing about this search is that Google also provides an HTML-to-WML proxy service in this search results, so you can view normal web pages via your WAP phone. This is what the proxy URL looks like in case you want to use it in your own site: http://wmlproxy.google.com/wmltrans/ u=www.russellbeattie.com@2Fnotebook@2F .

The second cool thing is their Palm search page, which is in HTML, but a super-simplified page for Palm devices. Older ones I imagine since the logo is still in low resolution black and white. This will be very nice using my Doris web browser. I already can see Google easily using the browser, but it would be nice to get even MORE simple.

I've seen both of these before, but it was nice to run across them again and remind myself that they exist.

The thing I HADN'T seen before is this weird Google Number Search (GNS) which allows you to enter in your search as numbers... sort of a server-side T9 technology. You can even reach Google at 466453.com. Wild, huh?

Gotta love Google. It seems so simple, but they've got shit in corners of that site that still amazes.


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