Referrers Redux

So, check it out... I cleaned up my referrers page finally! Can you believe that in my original redesign a week ago I wasn't going to include referrers? What was I thinking? You can't have a weblog without knowing who's linking to you!

I need to do some tweaking still but I think it's a big improvement on what I had. What I've done is order the simple web referrer links by when they first appeared and keep track of the number of hits per link. Then I separated out the Google searches and cleaned up the search parameters to be human readable. Then I put at the bottom a list and count of the different aggregators which read my RSS file. This cleans everything up so it's not all thrown into one list which moves around randomly as new links come in.

This is just step one... I think the next step will be to keep track of which pages are being linked to. Maybe as just another list or maybe attached to the posts themselves, I'm not sure. Doing a trackback or a magic comments thing like Mark will be hard because my permalinks are not per post, they're per day which will make it hard to pinpoint the exact post the link is to (I'm pretty sure that the browser doesn't send the info that's past the # mark in a URL to the server).

There might be other things to play with too. There's not a lot of info in your logs, but enough to give you a lot of info if you organize it correctly...


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