Rusty Reads My Mind: Regime Change Needed in the U.S.

Elliot Rusty Harold rules. I read his Cafe Au Lait daily, and it's so nice to know this guy has all the right ideas about other issues also. Today's post:

Quote of the Day

Another worrisome part of the DSEA is a section that targets encryption. It would create a new federal felony of willfully using encryption during the commission of a felony, punishable by "no more than five years" in prison plus a hefty fine.

When encryption eventually becomes glued into just about every technology we use, from secure Web browsing to encrypted hard drives, the DSEA would have the effect of boosting maximum prison terms for every serious crime by five years. It'll be no different--and no more logical--than a law that says "breathing air while committing a crime" is its own offense.

--Declan McCullagh
Read the rest in Perspectives: Ashcroft's worrisome spy plans - Tech News -

It just keeps getting worse. First, the 2000 elections revealed that getting the most votes was not really connected to winning in U.S. elections, even when the voting machines accurately counted the votes, which, it turns out, they don't. Then after September 11, the courts decided we didn't really need habeas corpus or fair trials. Next Congress passed the Orwellian "Patriot" Act that began the process of dismantling all the reasons one might be a patriot in the United States.

And now the next piece of anti-democratic legislation being pushed by the unelected Bush regime has been revealed. The "Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003", also known as Patriot II gives the government the power to arrest people and hold them in secret without trial, deport legal aliens, revoke the citizenship of people who join any organization the administration calls a terrorist, spy on citizens engaged in political protests and dissent, create a DNA database of "suspected terrorists", and more.

A few details will probably change by the time this gets to Congress, but somehow I just can't imagine that the supine cowards in the 108th Congress will suddenly discover enough spine to oppose it. In fact, they'll probably load it up with their favorite pet projects like they did to Patriot I. Forget Iraq. We need a regime change in the U.S.

Awesome Rusty! It's like you're reading my mind. Must be something about the name. ;-) I get enough wackos who feel the need to spout their right-wing politics to me on this blog sometimes I start feeling like I'm alone in this type of intelligent thinking. It's nice to read someone who's willing to stand up and say what they think on their site, and have it not be a rhetoric-drenched warblog.

I saw Rusty once at a Bay Area Java User's Group Meeting... Good speaker and great author. I've got several of his books - of which Java I/O I regularly have to consult when messing with this or that. I'll have to ditch JDOM for XOM just as show of political support.



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