Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Good morning!

One word this morning: Shit. That's what I've been doing. I've been writing for shit in the past few days. I got that great linkage for a post I wrote on Sunday, but since then, not much of anything special. My front page, which is all the posts from the last five days, looks like long boring rants. No pics, not much interesting tid bits or links. Nothing all that funny or amusing. It's quite the dead zone.

The thing is that my brain was zipping yesterday during the day. But instead of blogging the thoughts, I wrote them down into an outline text file "to blog later" when I got home. But then of course, I forgot the text file in the office (man I can't wait for location independant computing!) and I also sort of lost the motivation later. I think a general rule, at least for me, is to never "blog later". If you're thinking about something, then you need to write it down then. I sometimes worry about my employer seeing my timestamps on my posts and getting annoyed that I'm blogging at work, but the fact is that unless I'm writing a long, detailed rant with lots of links, two paragraphs takes me less than a couple minutes to write. Like a quick email.

Expect more content soon. And, man, I've also got to stop blogging about blogging. Navel gazing like crazy.


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