Man! Do I Want an iBook


This post isn't much more than an excuse to post that pic above. I have to walk by an Apple retailer every day on the way home from work and today I couldn't resist any more so I walked in and fondled the new 12" PowerBook and the 14" iBook. I've decided that I'm getting really, really close to getting a iBook. It's just sooooo nice.

Why not the PowerBook? Well, besides its cost, I read a review a few days ago about the PowerBook that said that the screen isn't that great and it gets too hot. They weren't kidding! Holy crud, you could fry an egg on the bottom left hand corner of that machine! I was amazed that it was perceptably HOT to the touch. I figured it would be warm, but that machine would make my hands sweat like crazy.

The iBook, however, is just a work of art. It's got that gorgeous iPod/Zire white plastic and is just really, really nice to behold. I bet you, and I'm serious, that working on a white computer would put you in a better mood. Especially during the winter. Remember years ago when the first black notebook computer came out and it seemed so cool? Well now it seems like the most boring thing ever. I'm SICK of my Dell. It's a pain in the ass to work with and it's UGLY. White and smooth is just sooooo nice.

And of course there's the benefits of OSX, and all that. That's of course the real reason I want it. I want to work on a Unix box like that every day. I've got a friend Greg who's had his iBook for a while now and he swears by it for Java programming. That's what I do, so it would rock.

The only rub, and I've written this before, is that the Symbian SDK isn't written for anything but Windows. There's lots of things like that, actually. I'd have to find a replacement for UltraEdit and for Bonsai (my outliner) and more. But, you know what? It'd be worth it. ;-)


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