Remote S60: Control Your Series 60 Phone from your PC


This app is pretty neat. It's like a VNC server for Series 60 phones like my Nokia 7650. There's a small app you put on your phone, then you connect via Bluetooth (or IrDA) to your PC and run a simple Windows app which shows you your phone's screen in real time and allows total remote control. I downloaded the demo and it works really well, if a little slowly.

From the All About Symbian review page where I first saw it:

Features of Remote S60:

  • View your phone's screen on your PC
  • Operate your phone remotely from your PC
  • Use your keyboard to enter SMS, contacts or other data
  • Make screenshots, copy them to the clipboard or save them to your PC
  • Create AVI movies while navigating on your phone
  • Connect via Bluetooth Serial Port, Infrared, TCP/IP or TCP/IP Relay Proxy
  • Reduced color modes (256 colors or 16 shades of gray) for increased response-time
  • Jpeg color mode for better performance when using the camera application

This app will be pretty great for when I want to grab screen captures. It's too slow to just think about never having to touch my phone, for example, in a dev cycle, but it's not bad. The wild thing is that you can do all this over the internet (don't ask me why) and in fact, I was having trouble setting up a Bluetooth serial connection using the app. So instead I set up a TCP/IP connection using Bluetooth first, and then used the app via TCP/IP instead. This may have affected the speed of the app, I'm not sure, but it just shows the flexibility and power of these phones.


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