Hi, Russell? I'm calling from IXI...


Hey wow... so you'll never guess who gave me a call tonight. Edgar Auslander, Senior Vice President of Marketing for IXI! Isn't that wild? Sounded like a nice guy. He just wanted to call because he ran across my post about Anticonvergence and thought I might be interested in a presentation about the company, and was going to send it to me via email, but didn't want to spam me, so he CALLED me personally to ask my permission.

Wow. That's pretty cool.

Edgar also asked if I was going to be out at Cannes for 3GSM (how I wish!) and I explained to him that my weblog was a private deal where I write my thoughts etc. and that I didn't work for any company that would send me out, so regretfully, I wouldn't be able to make it. I wished him luck for their big introduction.

Anyways, he sounded like a nice guy, and it was really nice to feel a little "close to the action" for a few minutes this evening, so I decided to give the company a little more "press" here. Call me easy. ;-) (But hey, Sun never called me when I was blogging about Java constantly a few months back...)

You can't tell me that blogging isn't changing how things work. This is just cool.


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