What We All Really Need is MoSex: Vice Week at The Feature

This is a true story: Years ago when my sweet grandmother was still alive and I was just a teenager or maybe a youngish adult, she stopped me at the door at the end of a long weekend visit to her house and in front of the whole family started giving me the third degree. "Now, I want to know the truth" she said with a frown. "Do you smoke?" And I shook my head proudly and confirmed what she already knew, that I didn't smoke. "And you don't drink?" and again, I shook my head. "Do drugs?", again I said no, "Gamble?" And I shook my head with a final furvorish vigor. I wasn't lying, back then I was pretty innocent and she knew this. She looked at me sternly for a moment, then finally shook her head and said "Then what the hell do you do for fun, son?" and the family got quite the laugh over that one. Quite the kidder, my dear Nana.

Anyways, I bring this up because it's been Vice Week over at The Feature and they've got all the good ones covered, from a mobile perspective:

I have to say that in my various business plans I've thought of, MoPorn has passed through my mind only briefly, it's not really a path I'd feel all that comfortable going down. Call me a prude, but I was TOTALLY surprised when I was first trying out my new 7650 and one of the options on the MMS Sample Menu that Telefonica sent me was "pornography". Right there alongside other random multimedia options like "news", "entertainment", "sports", etc. No I didn't try it out (thanks for asking), but thought to myself, "Wow, it's starting right from the beginning."

Anyways, these sorts of services are coming, and are just as important to the telecoms as MMS and Java games, for sure. Who knows how many untold millions (billions?) are going to be spent on MoPorn just this year alone. Don't be surprised (like I was).


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