Am I Tom Hume?

This post is very amusing:

More from Russell on Infocom games for phones. WAP has always seemed a natural home for these things - involving, as they do, short interchanges of text - but J2ME would keep me just as happy.

I'm getting increasingly worried about the number of interesting things I find on Russell's weblog. Either he *is* me (in some kinda Tyler Durden way) or I should give up weblogging and just redirect to his site...

Tom! The first rule of... never mind. This is very amusing, of course, since if Tom is me, I am Tom, but I (we?) may not know it. Having a dual personality might explain the lack of sleep... hmmmm.

The funny thing about weblogs is that for the most part you never really know if someone's real or not. One could create an alias so simply (wink). I have a strong feeling that one of the people in my favorites might not be an actual person... Hmmm... which one?



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