SonyEricsson T300: What a kick-ass little phone!


This is a quick post because I'm at work, but my coworker just got a SonyEricsson T300 from Vodafone and it's really, really cool! What a great little phone! For �200, you can't ask for more, really. Great color screen, decent menu, GPRS, downloadable Morphun Games, T9, WAP, POP3/SMTP, MMS, tri-band, polyphonic sound, and more. It's too bad it doesn't have Java, but beyond that it's cool as hell. And because it's Vodafone Live! it all just is packaged up in an easy-to-use package that really impressed me.

Man, it's so fun to get that new technology buzz. I'm really excited about it because it's so cheap and has such a great feature set - that this sort of power is arriving to the masses is cool. Too bad about the missing Java! Urgh! But you know what, since 95% of the people using mobile Java are using it for games, it probably won't matter to them at all. I can see this phone being popular in the U.S. for it's email capabilities alone.

Neato! I love this stuff.


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