3GSM World Congress 2003


You're going to see a TON of mobile news in the coming week as the 3GSM conference just got underway today in Cannes, France. Check out the Google News Search - lots of good stuff already.

One of the things that the VP from IXI sent me the other day that I didn't mention was a PDF version of their new magazine called PMG World which has just launched their website today. It's very fluffy right now - lots of marketing material aimed at carriers (that bit of insight from Jim as I didn't have a chance to analyze it much). From what Edgar told me, they want to make the magazine into a real subscriber-based mag. The idea, I assume, is help build buzz, knowledge and momentum around their Personal Mobile Gateway idea, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. If you're interested in the PMG idea - it's got a lot of perspective of what they're doing and why.

What else have I read today? Well, Microsoft made some mostly bullshit FUD announcements about stuff coming "later this year". More bad news about next gen data services like GPRS and UMTS. Less than 1% of the mobile population use them. Oh-oh. Samsung joins the Symbian party, which is nice to know. Sony Ericsson launches first 3G phone and expect a 10% rise in mobile phone shipments which will be wonderful for them if it's true since they desperately need it.

More soon I'm sure.


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