NewsMonster Lives


Kevin Burton sent me a nice email today announcing creation of the NewsMonster project and the first beta! The new webpage looks really nice and the functionality looks overwhelming.

NewsMonster is an advanced weblog manager, reputation system, micropayment economy, and semantic web application. NewsMonster allows the user to keep track of news and use reputation within the blogging community to help discover new weblogs, important articles, and other [1] compelling relationships.

In one sense, NewsMonster is just an RSS aggregator. It allows the user to subscribe to RSS channels and keep track of recent news. NewsMonster also supports advanced aggregation functionality including the extraction of content for PDA support, a "sitefilter" for websites that don't support RSS, rich images on each channel including favicons, and many other features.

NewsMonster doesn't stop there. We also incorporate an advanced reputation system [2] which allows for the sharing of certifications [3]. These certifications allow NewsMonster to moderate and discover new (high quality) resources.

Since I STILL do not use an aggregator and I use Moz, I'm going to have check this out to see if it fits my needs. Looks pretty good right now.


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