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Hey - would anyone be interested in doing a Group Blog on mobile tech with me? I'm focusing on Mobile Java and Symbian in this blog, but there's a lot going on in and around these technologies that I can't keep up with. Think: MMS, WAP/XHTML, Bluetooth, iMode, Services (like Vodafone Live!), 3G/WCDMA/CDMA2000, and more.

What I'm thinking about is someone who blogs like I do: Opinions and news items, but with a focus on analysis. I'm thinking like a Gizmodo or WiFi News, but for mobile phones. I'd like to see a focus on development, but business news is good also. Something with cool content every day.

I want people who are REAL bloggers who post as much as I do. This blog takes up a ton of my time and I'm not starting a new blog just to watch it wither - I want some people who'll share the responsibility of blogging daily with me so that there's cool content, but without me having to shoulder the burdon. I post about 3 to 5 items a day on this blog. If I found 3 or 4 people who were interested in doing this with me, we'd only have to post an item or two a day to have a lot of really great content quickly.

Anyone interested? Leave a comment or email me.


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