Wow! I'm in Wired News

Check it out! Wired News: Now Bloggers Can Hit the Road. This is just cool and totally unexpected that my thoughts ended up in Wired. Rocking!

Peter Rojas from Gizmodo emailed me a few weeks ago about my entry on Kablog, the J2ME based moblogging app. Since Gizmodo is probably my favorite blog on the net, I gave him the full rundown on my thoughts on the app and Moblogging in general. I knew he was writing an article, I just didn't know it was for Wired! Very nice! Thanks Peter!

I actually saw the post on Matt Croydon's blog just now. He was mentioned in the article also for his WAP blog, which is great. Like Matt, I'm quite stunned.

This is very cool since we were mentioned in the same sentence as NewBay's FoneBlog which got a lot of press yesterday for its presence at 3GSM. I think Peter did a good job by going to real bloggers to talk about moblogging tools - not just because I got mentioned, but just in general. (By the way, Harold reports that NewBay is hiring. Oooh, that's very cool! Maybe I should blow some dust off my resume... it's been what, three months since I changed jobs? I'm getting antsy...)

Anyways, this made my day. I'm hoping Moblogging can live up to its building hype... I don't Moblog much any more, but it's the kernel of an idea which I think is the Right Thing. We'll see how many hits my Moblogger site gets today... maybe I'll need to clean it up some more. (God I hope I put the world "prototype" in big enough letters...)


Later... Tom Hume points out another Mobloging service from UCP Morgen. I hope these companies "get it" otherwise it's going to be another wap-style blow up!

Later still... I should have known the article was for Wired, Peter told me about it in his first email (I just checked). I guess I just saw "Gizmodo" and didn't think about anything else. I'm such a gadget head.

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