Bloomba: Another Media-Hyped Outlook Killer


While I was looking for the WSJ article on Qualcomm using Google's news search (I didn't find it) I ran across this Business Week article on Bloomba, a supposed Outlook-killer just launched and available for download.

... Stata hopes to differentiate itself through its search and spam-filtering features. Bloomba allows customers to search for key words in attachments as well as within the text of messages. The application is based on Stata's database technology, which can cut search times in in-boxes from minutes to seconds, the company said.

Stata's spam-filtering program, SAproxy, is based on an open-source spam identification technology that can be used with any POP3 account in a Windows environment. Bloomba and SAproxy have been fine-tuned to work together to identify and quarantine spam.

This looks okay... though in my opinion in order to be an "Outlook killer" an email app has to integrate with Exchange seemlessly, which this doesn't since it only supports POP3 (not IMAP!).

The MOST interesting bit about this app is that it has its own blog! Powered by Blogger no less. Now that is very cool. Very Cluetrain. Markets are conversations and all that. We'll see if they keep up with posts (as they just launched it yesterday it seems).

Hey - speaking of marketing, I took some time and checked out a WebEx seminar from Tom Peters today. It wasn't the most interesting in the world, but gave me some neat insights (Women buy lots of stuff). There are lots of other free, but mostly-marketing, web presentations on that site too. Check it out.


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