Quantifying The Linkage


So in case you're just tuning in, and you might be since I've had well over 250 new people hit this site in the past few days, I got lots of linkage as a result of the Wired moblogging article last week which included a link to my Manywhere technical prototypes website. That article set off a chain reaction in the "press" and over the past few days, my web server's been hopping. Here's the links:

Here's the log report that I ran using Analog for the past 5 days. It's not totally detailed, but I dont' feel like tweaking it too much. The point is that I got a lot of hits.

I had to take emergency action yesterday morning after getting Slashdotted. A link on Slashdot drove over 2000 people to my site, producing over 40,000+ hits in a little over 24 hours. Like I wrote on my blog - I just ripped out the dynamic stuff and added static html to make sure my server didn't die. But to tell you the truth, I was monitoring the log during the day and it wasn't bad at all - I probably could have kept the dynamic pages up and running without problems. It's not like the log was scrolling by or anything. Jim and I dissected why: The story was sort of a dupe, it was published just past midnight on Sunday in the U.S., I was one of 3 links and Slashdotters hate weblogs. Still, it was a shitload of hits on my server at one time and I didn't notice a thing. I don't have Apache in front of my Java server - there's no need as the past few days have showed: OrionServer rules.

Even without Slashdot, my site's been getting quite a few hits from the other articles - and I'd say about 10% of the people who hit Manywhere are curious enough to click through to my website here, which is really interesting to see. What's also interesting is to see how many times my apps have been downloaded - say about 100 times in all, which isn't much, but my code is out there now. I think the fact that so many people clicked through, but didn't download shows a real demand for an "open" service that competes with FoneBlog. It's a definite thought.

Anyways, I've gotten all these hits and all I've been doing in the past few days is sorta bitching and repeating links on my weblog. I guess it's the letdown from all that exciting action last week because of 3GSM. This is too bad since a lot of people might have decided to add me to their favorites or what not had the weblog been a bit more interesting. Oh well. Part of this blog is the bitching. It keeps me sane.

I've got another "cool stuff" launch coming up again (I'm addicted now) so we'll see if I can top this round when it's out there. I doubt it.



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