Ode To A Itty Bitty Tiny Little Clothespin

I gave flowers to my wife for Valentine's day AND her birthday three days later. Am I cool or what? I'm a good husband (who learned the hard way that the only flowers that count are roses for Valentines day. Write that down in your little mental husband book.)

Anyways, on the second set the card was attached to the roses by a little bitty clothespin. Tiny, tiny. Maybe 1/2 inch long if that. It's cute but pretty useless afterwards because even though it's a nice little pincher, the only thing it's good for holding is those little cards that come from the florist, which only happen once in a while (unless I've done something wrong...).

But ahhh... I've found something for that little pin. It just happens to fit perfectly behind my Dell Lattitude and snaps on to the plastic bit where the fan is, stopping it dead. Yes. That's right. I've stopped the fan on my computer. I'm trying it now... it doesn't get that hot and the NOISE WAS DRIVING ME NUTS. As well as deaf. I tried oiling it and spraying it and pushing and pulling, but it still just buzzed. And at night, like right now when my wife and baby are asleep, I want q u i e t. Peace. I want to hear myself think. I was shoving pens or toothpicks or whatever I could find back there to shut the freakin' fan up, but whenever I moved the laptop a bit, it would come out and the thunderous jet engine noise that is my laptop fan would roar back to life. Right now the loudest thing in my apartment is the refrigerator. That's a good thing. Ahhh..

Oh. Damn! I just tested the bottom and it's burning hot! There's go that theory. Damnit. Out comes the clothespin... Urgh. I guess I'll post this anyways... Russell Beattie: Midnight Rambler.


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