It's Shipping! The Nokia 3650 Launches Today!


Yes, I know it's a bit weird looking, and a bit big, but I have really high hopes for this phone which launches both here in Europe and in the U.S. It hits such a sweet spot of functionality, I think it's going to be big. You can check out the press release here and an article in The Reg:

Good news today for Symbian from Nokia which today announced the Nokia 3650, a feature-rich handset built with a integrated digital camera, and powered by the operating system.

In essence, The 3650 develops Nokia's imaging phone story beyond the 7650, launched earlier this year in Europe and Asia Pac. The handset is pitched at business and consumer markets. It's tri-band, so works across most of the world for the road warrior, who can access a "wide range of business applications, such as corporate e-mail access, calendar, to-do lists and contact applications". And there's Bluetooth support. And for the early adopting consumers? The Nokia 3650 is an "imaging handset in Nokia's high-volume "Expression" category, designed to appeal to a mass-market audience of those who are free-spirited, expressive and young-at-heart"...

Nokia's free spirits can use the phone to send mobile games, multimedia messaging (MMS) and video clips (the phone has software for playback and recording).

According to the firm,the handset "clearly marks the beginning of a new era for the Series 60", the firm's software reference design platform which sits on top of the Symbian OS and which competes against Stinger, Microsoft's smartphone platform. Samsung, Siemens and Matsushita are Series 60 licensees.

Very cool... though I may now be in love with the P800 or the SX1... I'm fickle, I know.


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