I Forgot the Moblogger Source!

Matt Raible just sent me an email with some questions about Moblogger. It was working for the most part, but he's having some problems with the photo upload. This is actually is the exact opposite of Terje's problems... God, gotta love supporting your own software!

Actually Terje's given me several things that I need to get working that I just haven't had time to get to yet. I'll get to these problems ASAP. Terje pointed out to me the problems of having bugs in this type of code: GPRS in his part of the world is EXPENSIVE. When he sends off an email with several photos and then the process dies, it costs him REAL money. Hint for any of you Mobile Entrepeneurs out there: make those disclaimers REALLY BIG.

The DUMB thing I did that I just discovered is not to include the source code with the app! Duh! I can't believe I did that! I have a couple Ant tasks that I use, and one is something like "distribSrc" which wraps up the app for OSS publication. I didn't even notice until I got the email from Matt at work and wanted to take a look at what he was talking about, downloaded the .zip from my website and to my surprise, there was no source!

The dangers of too much source code automation. Not having any idea what's in your distribution.


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