Ask And Ye Shall Receive: AvantGo for Series 60 phones!


Can you believe this? Two days after lamenting the disappearance of AvantGo, the original mobile aggregator, they announce a free client for the Nokia 7650! I can't believe it! From All About Symbian:

A client for AvantGo is now available through Handango as freeware. The service provides perosnalised content to your device. Currently there is a choice of more than 2,500 channels. The service connects to my AvantGo, content is then sync'd (downloaded), and is viewable offline.

This is something of a surprise as there was no idnication of AvantGo developing a client for Series 60. The client for UIQ (P800) has not yet appeared.

Author Notes:

The My AvantGo� service provides free interactive and personalized content and applications to your smartphone or PDA through wireless or desktop synchronization. You may select from more than 2,500 brand-name, content and application channels (handheld optimized websites) for entertainment, news, financial, travel, sports information and much more. You can also surf to your favorite web sites or set up your own personal channels to be delivered to the phone during synchronization. Once synchronized to the phone, My AvantGo content is viewable offline, such as in an airplane or tunnel. My AvantGo offers offers a rich web content viewing experience with graphics. There are over 8 million subscribers to My AvantGo today. Content is offered from around the world. Visit for more information.

Requirements: 1 MB of Available RAM

Yeah, baby!

I'm amazed. I really am. Now, I will say that requiring 1 MB of RAM is pretty impossible unless you want this to be your only app on your 7650. I'll have to rip A LOT of my other applications off my phone in order to use this... but still it's pretty damn cool that it exists. For the 3650 users it'll be great.

By the way Jason Brome (of nntp//rss fame) updated me yesterday via email that Sybase completed their purchase of AvantGo yesterday for inclusion in their iAnywhere subsidiary, so this news is very interesting that it arrives on the very next day. They must have been waiting for the merger completion. There's nothing, by the way, on the AvantGo website just yet about the Series 60 app, but I'm completely amazed.

Now... where's the RSS support?


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