The Least Used Key On Your Keyboard

I never, ever use the Windows key. In fact most of the time I either ignore it or curse it when I accidently hit it and up pops the Start menu and I'm working on something else. Matt, however, blew my mind open with this tip today.

Windows Trick o' the Day

I knew this trick existed, but I couldn't remember it. If you to drill down through your directory structure all the time, this is a real time saver. In Windows Explorer, you can highlight a folder and full expand it (and it's children) using the * key on your far right keypad. Using the - key will contract all folders. Other good Windows tricks I know are using the Win Key (that's the one with the Windows logo on it). Win+r = run, Win+e = explorer and Win+d = desktop. And last but not least, in Win2K+ right-click >> Properties on My Computer will get you to System Properties. If you have other good tips for Red Hat 8, OS X or Windows - please share!

I had no idea. I must be living under a rock or ignoring all Windows info: I use CygWin and make my computer seem as Unixy as possible. (Actually, I may remember something about this, but today it struck me as incredibly useful for some reason). I open Explorer 500 times during the day for one thing or another. And when I'm on another computer, running the command line with a "Run -> cmd" is infinitely faster then looking for the damn icon stuck way the hell out in accessories. With these tips I could get rid of the explorer and desktop icons in my quick tray. Hmm... I should do that just to get myself into the habit.

Every once in a while I see people who get to the Explorer quickly by right clicking on the Start menu and choosing "Explore All Users". They end up off in the Documents and Settings somewhere, but at least they have an Explorer open, right? Weird. I just saw this today from a co worker... this tip will blow his mind as well. ;-)

I also did some Googling and found Win + F = Find and Win + break = System Properties (whooohooo!). Neato! God, I've GOT to remember these commands. Christ, it's 2003... these have been around for what, 8 years now at least?

Thanks Matt!


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