Three Launches 3G today on 03-03-03


Very neato... Jim gave me the scoop:

Three the UK's first 3G operator launch today, it's an apt date (03-03-03) whichever way you write it. They've been running TV ads all weekend, doing fun stuff like showing video replays of Premiership goals on the phones, which I believe is one of the services. Cool stuff, I wonder how long it'll be before I see someone using a phone in the flesh. Their pricing is pretty keen compared to that for a heavy GPRS user too.

I hadn't realized the date today. There should be a celebration at 3:33... (or actually, in 24-hour clock Europe, that's already passed. Damn!).

I can't believe 3G's actually here! Maybe I should've registered that domain I had ready to go a few years ago... damn!

A little later... after checking out Three's site, I found the handset page. Two NECs flip phones and a Motorola. Very interesting. NEC has been completely off my radar, but it looks like they've got 3G handsets working. (Can you tell that I'm getting into all this mobile stuff now? They're not "mobile phones" or "cellphones" any more, they're "handsets"... hehehe.). I'll have to take a look and see what sort of Java the NECs support. The stat's page says that have 32 megs of memory, which is very nice. Nokia are you paying attention? 4 Megs IS NOT ENOUGH for an smartphone!


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