Jason Bell: Getting MiniBlog Working on OrionServer

Jason Bell just dropped me a note saying that he's posted some notes on getting MiniBlog working on OrionServer. Very nice! Thanks Jason! I've tweaked the crap out of that code lately so it's quite a bit different - including adding capabilities for multiple people to post to the same blog. I need to wrap that all up and post it some time (as another Prototype, of course... )

Jason says at the end of his second post:

I certainly don't want to knock any of the work that Russell has put into MiniBlog, but what I did want to do was provide some pointers to any problems that you might oh had when trying to install onto Orion. These are the problems I faced.

Jason! I take no offense at all... I mean the MiniBlog code is not beautiful, believe me, I know. It wasn't so much written as congealed. (My apologies to Douglas Adams). And instructional help with getting it running on OrionServer (my favorite) is more than welcome.

One thing that Jason mentions is that he's thinking about scrapping my rss.jsp page for RSSLibJ and I think that's a great idea. The RSS I'm producing is the most basic level RSS possible and I don't feel like putting in the work to make it nicer so RSSLibJ would fit the bill perfectly. I was actually thinking about this JUST last night, so that's great.

Thanks again Jason!


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