Mobitopia Lives: The New Mobile Tech Group Blog


Finally! I've had to wait 24 hours since registering the name and tweaking the code until late last night to allow multiple bloggers, but it's finally ready to go: Mobitopia, the mobile tech group blog!

I was actually thinking about abandoning the idea... then Jim got on me via IM yesterday and said, "what's up with the mobile news thing?" And I decided to just do it and see what happens. So we brainstormed a bit more about names - I decided I wanted a dot-com - and I finally landed on Mobitopia which I think is fun and "Gizmodo"ish in nature. So I registered the name and we started talking about just using Blogger at first since it was easy to get going that way...

But then since I have a huge "not built here" syndrome, I said, nonono and whipped the multiblog up out of the MiniBlog code (which I was mentioning before). The advantages are that the blog now has all the bells and whistles like referrers, RSS and comments, instead of just being a basic blog.

So wait, if I have Mobitopia now, am I going to stop writing about Mobile Tech? Well, probably a little. Basically - if it's about my plans and specific ideas it'll go here. If it's news or analysis I'll probably put it into Mobitopia. Hopefully the others who volunteered before to write will also add news and analysis as well and it will quickly become a good news source for mobile info.

I'm going to send an email out in a few minutes to those who showed an interest in contributing before - but the offer isn't closed. If you want to join, just drop me an email or leave a comment here and I'll add a user for you with instructions on how to post, etc.

Fun fun! I love launching new sites. Blogging rules. ;-)


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