Welcome To Wednesday Redux


Didn't I just write "Welcome to Wednesday"? Did a week just slip by like that unnoticed? Wow. I've got so many irons in the fire right now that last night I honestly was trying to remember if it was Friday or not. This may be the lack of sleep since I'm down to just over 4 hours a night. Being a natural insomniac would rule. Right now I have an IV drip of strong cafe con leche into my left arm.

See the photo above? I saw that yesterday when the elevator was stuck and I had to walk down seven flights. Two or three floors below me is Spain's Lego offices!! Yeah! The door was open and I peaked my head in and there's a ZILLION legos everywhere. I would KILL to work there! It's probably just a sales office, but man, what fun!

Last night I tweaked the Photos page above so that I can post images from my phone with less fuss. Here's some images from Saturday's lunch with some friends of Ana's. Since phone images are usually small in size, I just stripped out all the thumbnail code (which required that I pre-process the images on my PC first) and just show the same image at different sizes. Now instead of mailing the images, I just FTP them to my server and they're instantly in my album. ;-) FTPing files from my phone is muuuuch easier than attaching them to an email with no server-side process to worry about - but no comments. Who wants to comment each photo anyway?

Can you believe that only a month or so after I got my 7650 that I'm almost jaded about how cool it is? I almost forgot to take it out and snap photos during the lunch, but when I did the reaction from Ana's friend's was total awe. They're total non-techies (a teacher, truck salesman, and a dry-cleaner owner) but they were totally into it. They wanted to play with the phone, take pictures (and video) and see all the featuers. And then when they asked what happens to the images after, I offered to email them and the reaction was one of instant, "I WANT that phone! Where did you get it? How much?" etc. Very cool. Camera phones are going to be big.

Anyways, just wanted to post a bit before the day got too hectic. Until I get the balance correct between the Mobitopia blog and this one I don't want to lose the flow ...


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