That Sense of Awe

Ara got his new SonyEricsson P800 last week and has a short write up about it today. You can just sense that level of awe that comes over geeks when they first start playing with these new phones. Just plain "woah." You think, what more can I DO with this thing? It seems at first like every 10 minutes you're discovering something new because it's always with you or you go online and discover some app that does something completely unexpected. You buy the phone with one thought in mind, but very quickly start the grok the smartphone mojo...

"I've got this computer with me... all the time. And it's got an internet connection... all the time. And it takes pictures. And it plays music. And it runs Java." And your mind just does a back flip of techno-lust joy: This thing ROCKS!

And then you read a blog about someone else's phone with more features and you think, "ooh. What I really want THAT one..." ;-)


Later... Martin's feeling the awe as well...

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