Impressing Mom

I forgot to write this last night. While working with my Mom on her computer, we had an amusing conversation:

My Mom says to me: "Russell, do you know if you type in Russell Beattie into Google, you're the first one to come up?"

I say: "Have you typed in just 'beattie'?"

She did... and I came up first. She was impressed. It's been a while since I impressed Mom. Blogging Rules.

The thing I take away from the conversation the most is that my mom, Elsie Beattie, is vanity searching. Heehee. I just mentioned her name here to see if that'll arrive the next time she looks. ;-) I'm waiting to see if Google adjusts their pageranks again soon... I'm still #15 or so searching for just "Russell"! Damnit! That's my whole goal in my blogging life... is to be #1 Russell. Yes, I know. I need to GET a life, no?


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