GameSpy on the N-Gage



GameSpy is covering the 2003 Game Developer's conference, I just saw on Slashdot and one of their articles covers the Nokia's N-Gage. The review has different gamer's impressions after they got to fondle the thing at the show. Here's some of the comments:

"The screen I'm still getting used to. Having a vertical screen for gaming with anything but a shooter (think Ikaruga) is definitely disorienting. That said, I'm pretty sure I'll get over."

"It is extremely lightweight, but I'm not sure about the phone. You look like you are holding a taco to your ear (although a earphone/microphone combo in the jack would work OK)."

"I was really surprised how light it was -- it's lighter than my current cell phone (an admittedly dated Nokia 3310). And it's not very big -- it'll easily fit into your pocket."

"There's only one thing I liked about the N-Gage over the Game Boy Advance, and that's the bright active matrix display."

The review also has links at the bottom to the in-depth reviews from the launch last month. My problem with the thing is the cost. It's a piece of high-tech equipment with a price for grownups aimed at kids. It'll need some SERIOUS help from the telecoms to get these into teens' pockets.


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